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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

REX Pulmonary Rehabilitation Doctor with PatientDoes your chronic breathing problem make it difficult for you to play with your children or grandchildren? Do you find that climbing a flight of stairs leaves you breathless? Lung disease can prevent you taking part in some of life’s most rewarding experiences, as well as rob you of the ability to perform the simplest of daily tasks. But we can help.

Rex Pulmonary Specialists offers individualized assessments and treatment plans that are centered on increasing your physical abilities and letting you get the most out of life. Our pulmonary rehabilitation program is an integral part of the standard treatment for chronic respiratory diseases, such as COPD and cystic fibrosis. By following a tailored rehabilitation plan, you can expect an improvement in symptoms, a better ability to function daily and reduced disability related to your disease. Some patients may find they’re spending less time in the hospital and are able to resume their work schedule.

Our rehabilitation program uses a proven multidisciplinary approach that draws on a team of experts including respiratory and physical therapists, nutritionists and physical therapists. From this team, you’ll learn about:     

  • Breathing exercises
  • Exercise techniques to improve stamina and strengthen muscles that help you breathe
  • How to best conserve energy
  • How to eat right to maintain your weight
  • How to manage your disease and reduce hospital admissions
  • The importance of medications, how they work and how to take them properly
  • Group support and strategies from other people dealing with the same or similar illnesses
  • Therapy to help combat issues such as depression and assist in helping family better understand your disease and your needs
  • How to stay healthy post-rehab

What to expect

You will likely work with a team of professionals including respiratory and physical therapists, nutritionists and psychologists.  Pulmonary rehab can be done in a group program or individually.  You will be taught:

  • Upper- and lower-body exercises to improve stamina and strengthen the muscles used for breathing
  • Good nutritional practices to keep your weight stable
  • Education on your particular disease, how it can be managed and how to stay out of the hospital
  • How your medications work and how to take them properly
  • Breathing exercises and energy conservation
  • Group support and strategies from others dealing with similar illnesses
  • Therapy to cope with issues like depression and to teach your family how to support you and understand your condition
  • How to remain healthy after rehab, which usually lasts between six and 12 weeks

Rex Pulmonary Specialists also offers a supervised post-rehabilitation program at Rex Wellness Center aimed at helping you maintain the strength you gained during rehabilitation.