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What to expect from your sleep study

With your pajamas and your favorite pillow at the ready, you’re all set to curl up for a good night’s sleep study. At the Rex Sleep Disorders Center—conveniently located in Raleigh, Cary, Knightdale, Wakefield and Garner—you’ll sleep in a full-size bed overnight while your study is conducted by sleep technologists, under the direction of a board-certified sleep medicine physician. Similar to a hotel room, all Rex locations offer private rooms (including bathrooms) with cable TV, designed to make your experience feel relaxing and tranquil. Here’s what you can expect from your stay, so you can arrive with your mind at ease.

Why is a sleep study performed?
To fully understand sleep patterns and diagnose sleep problems such as periodic limb movement or sleep apnea, various brain activities, body systems and the relationships between them must be monitored throughout the night. During your sleep study at Rex Sleep Disorders Center, a recording of physiological measurements will identify your sleep stages and classify issues that occur, helping your physician diagnose and treat your sleep problem.

What happens when I arrive?
When you arrive, your sleep technician will explain the procedure and attach electrodes to your head, legs, chest and abdomen in order to monitor your brain activity, breathing, oxygen level and heart rate while you sleep. The test is completely painless, and your technician will monitor you throughout the entire study.

In the morning, your technician will simply remove the electrodes, and you’re free to go home or shower and get ready for your day! You’ll receive the study results at a follow-up meeting with your physician, in which you’ll discuss the findings and treatment options.

Schedule your appointment
If you think you may have a sleep disorder, call (919) 784-7460 to make an appointment with Rex Pulmonary Specialists. Our fax number is (919) 784-6330.